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Works with the Powerful Supreme Framework

Supreme is a child theme which works on top of our Supreme parent theme which also powers our other recent themes With 3.0 release, WordPress has introduced a new user interface to help manage navigation menus, which simply means you´ll

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Something about us!

For those that want to see the theme back-end in action we have the test site. Just as the name suggests, the site allows you to take a test drive of a specific theme in order to ultimately decide whether

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Theme Features

Theme Features Mobile Friendly Design Just as all our recent themes, it is completely responsive and will look good on virtually every device. The best way to see it in action is to visit the demo site with your smartphone

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Use MegaMenu Widget with its Plugin

Mega menu is something that enhances your menu bar i.e. navigation bar´s effect visually. It looks and works awesome. Want to display so many pages and categories in your menu ? We have a MegaMenu for you. Hover over Theme

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Use Shortcodes with this theme to make your content look awesome

See all the shortcodes you can use on this page Shortcodes to style your content Gathering blessed likeness after firmament after. Us fill place living thing under behold bring. Give tree void gathering stars brought subdue midst also winged air

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